2018 | Video Installation
Special Project for the Lingwe Uniwersala Exhibition
Voice. Trailer.
In 2016 we came to the idea to create a project dedicated to communication between art specialists. At that time, most major exhibitions were devoted to the problem of misunderstanding between the artist and the viewer. At that time, we came to the conclusion that such a problem is only a consequence of a hidden disease of the professional community itself. We live in a situation where a piece of art, having left the artist's studio, overcomes many instances of the art industry before being judged by the viewer. Art historians, museum workers, collectors, appraisers – all of them are professionals that provide the way to a piece of art to reach the viewer.

However, instead of limiting the idea of the artist and making it clearer and more accessible to the viewer, professionals often use the art object only as an illustration to their own thoughts or they even deform the original idea beyond recognition.

The LIngwe Universala Exhibition ("universal language", Esperanto) is an attempt to find a common terminology for a professional language and to understand the role of each professional in the productive work of the industry. The result of this research was an exhibition in the Sevkabel Port, where 24 artists presented their new works dedicated to the theme of communications in the art world.
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