The short film is produced in collaboration with Nina Shterenberg Studio

The movie concept
A story of the formation of a young man told through feminine images.
On his way the boy experiences various manifestations of feminine Sensuousness in his own life. The time in the movie is not linear, but spatial. It is Time that brings together the past, the present and the future inside the boy's internal realm. Every image that the boy gets to live through becomes formative for him, gently awakening the force that gives birth to an entire universe of his own, a unique and deeply personal one.
Alongside the Sensuousness there's The Wanderer. He remains unknown to the boy and away from him. Like the wind, The Wanderer is an ungrounded roaming spirit travelling in the quest for rational answers. The spirit of the man is the spirit of The Wanderer.
The sensual and the rational embrace each other; the masculine and the feminine are merging in the boy's inner world. The young man comes to know the mother and the father. Endless stories coalesce within the memory of a single person, like the circles on the water. But then everything grows quiet; the circles are gone, the water is still, and the world has changed.
Sander Shifter

Aleksandr Skovronsky
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