Video Installation
ROAR – is a video installation, a study of the process of searching for identity in moments of personal transformation. The project addresses the boundaries of male and female in modern society, and self-acceptance through the examination of the internal and externa nature.
Movie premiere
The story of the formation of a young man told through feminine images. Time brings together the past, the present and the future inside the boy's internal realm: through life the boy experiences various manifestations of feminine sensuousness. Every image that the boy gets to live through becomes formative for him, gently awakening the force that gives birth to an entire universe of his own, a unique and deeply personal one.
Our video installation draws attention to the possibility of listening, without evaluation. Taking into account the diversity of the inner world, where the opposite phenomenon creates something uniform. Beauty is manifested through contradictions.
ROAR is a featured work on Visualcontainer TV – the first Italian video art distributor and platform for video art promotion and curatorial projects devoted to the international videoartworld
In the modern world, the boundaries between men and women are losing their rigidity and are becoming more and more blurred.

But we still remain in the bodies of men and women. On the one hand, the usual duality loses its meaning; on the other, we still live in the dual world of opposites. In this work, we would like to reflect on the duality in the modern world. What is duality exactly and where are its boundaries, when we more and more clearly feel the integrity of both ourselves and being?
Stereotypes about male and female are outliving themselves and opening up a new field for research. We recognize ourselves by knowing each other in detail. What are the qualities that male and female parts in us have? What is female and male in modern society?

Nature combines a variety of forms. Perhaps the path to self realization lies in the study of nature, both external and internal?
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