2016 | Video Installation & Exhibition
Designed for the presentation of furniture collection by Timofey Zhuravlev Studio.
Memories of the Sea. Trailer.
The goal of the collection is to express the voluminous sensual image laid down in the form of an object. First of all, the object – is a sign in space living a special invisible life.
The object forms and compresses the space around it. Photo, sound, gesture, human face reflects worlds living in the space of the object in its solitude and immovability.
The creating process of this collection was connected with the artist's fascination of the inner world, which creates unique form. In its meagre lines a special sense of life is expressed.
The aim of the collection is to convey, above all, a sense of life, a subtle vulnerable feeling of air through design. Perhaps our ideas are our favorite things – dreams of ourselves – longing for unknown words.
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