Invisible Aesthetic
Exhibition project in augmented reality
A joint project with SPBU Research Park

The project sought to find an aesthetic form for scientific research.
The exhibition "Aesthetic of Science" was centered on "data maps" of Graphene, the material of the future. They were presented as photographs taken in international laboratories with the microscope (SEM, TEM, and AFM). Graphene is a single atom of carbon. It is everywhere, and it is even part of the air we breathe in.

Experiments conducted in the laboratories all over the world show that unique properties of this material can in the near future lead us to massive progress in almost every crucial area of our everyday life, from technology to health care.

The information was broken into thematic categories. Every category was supported by virtual and material information basis. For the virtual part, there were 3D sculptures and words for the services like OK Google or Siri. The material part consisted of photos and posters carrying infographics.

Victoria Shinkarenko
Aleksandr Edunov and Evgeniy Kolosov
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Concept / Exhibition design / Graphic design by
courtesy of SPBU Research Park
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